About Us

Redburst has a firm basis in Sweden, but has also expanded into the UK, which has paved the way for international success. We are happy to announce that at the present, over 2 million leaflets and magazines are being distributed with Redburst's solutions each day.

Our vision is to provide businesses with state-of-the-art technology within our field of expertise, and to make use of all the possibilities that the new way of being in the Internet age has to offer, giving our customers a clear edge over the competition.

- We do what most of our competitors don’t: We develop GPS-driven Mobile Apps so that the end-user focus is on the individual and not the vehicle!

Lukasz Andersson, CEO

Why Choose Us?

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    The Future

    Thanks to the technology platform available to Redburst, the company is and will be ready to answer customized demands in new product and service areas.

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    Our Markets

    We specialise in streamline operations within Mail, Leaflet and Magazine Distribution and Fleet Management.

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    Doing business in an ethical way is our foundation. All that we do is guided by fairness, complete transparency and respect for all involved.

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    All that we do at Redburst is driven by a firm passion for excellence, and an unwavering dedication to deliver the best services and products on the market.


  • LetterboxDistribution.com have been in the forefront of door drop in Greater London since 1987. We have always looked to adopt new technologies to improve the transparency of our services to clients. We were one of the first companies in the UK to have our fleet of vehicles live tracked and the first to adopt Letterbox Check. It is currently the best Live Tracking solution available and will inevitably lead to all door drop companies following. The Letterbox Check service is a tremendous aid in verifying our delivery service. It acts as an auditor and has already made our company more profitable and efficient.

    Simon Greatbatch, Director Greatbatch Ltd / Letterbox Distribution
  • We have been using Letterbox Check for over 2 years now. All our clients can have access to their distribution rounds and they are amazed how professional the system is.

    Live verification is the only way you can do real checks on distribution and that's exactly what Letterbox Check gives us. It actually checks all addresses – not only a few spots! No more complaints, no more missed rounds, and you can show all this to your clients at the touch of a button!

    Agnes, Owner Greenhill Leaflet Distribution
  • We are a distribution company, and the clients in our business are always asking how they can check the work is done. Since we started offering our clients Letterbox Check, we didn't have any complains and new clients are more likely to use us rather than the companies with doubtful ways of checking there distributors work. We are very pleased with our investment in the future of our company and would recommend Letterbox Check to any business.

    Slav Ibelgauptas, MD / Owner Streetrunners Ltd
  • Clothes Aid is a social business that collects clothes door-to-door across the country to raise money for a range of UK charities. We are working hard to prevent theft by bogus collectors and we work hard to keep up our quality distribution and collection methods. Letterbox Check is an important tool for the management of our systems with 500 drivers. We would highly recommend Letterbox Check to other businesses.

    Roman Denysenko, Franchisee Manager Clothes Aid (Services) Ltd